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surf school & tour 

As a seasoned surfer and cultural enthusiast, we have a deep passion for sharing our knowledge with others. Our surf lessons and culture tours cater to those who are looking for a truly immersive experience. we customize each lesson to fit the individual needs of the student, combining traditional techniques with modern safety measures. The culture tours provide an in-depth understanding of the local history and traditions, including visits to local monuments and landmarks. I am excited to share this experience with you!

surf school 

Raffiel Nias offers a unique approach to surf lessons, catering to all skill levels and providing both private and group lessons. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced surfer looking to take your skills to the next level, we can help you achieve your goals.

Riding the Waves
Nias Tradition and culture

culture  tour

At Raffiel Nias, we believe in travel that transforms. That’s why we offer a range of cultural tours and experiences that not only showcase the world’s diversity, but also allow you to interact with and learn from local communities. With personalized itineraries and knowledgeable guides, our trips are designed to provide you with one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

what s on the tour?

Surfing Friends

surf lesson

lesson will be held for the 2 session on the day morning and afternoon 

Nias transport with friends


Airport Pickup and Return also Tour transport

Video Editing


Video analysis every after surf 

Nias Dancing

culture tour 

an experience you will not forget  

Raffiel Nias Rooms


Place where you will spent most of the time after Surf, our Hotel with all our Facilities Pool table, Ping-pong and Bar 

Raffiel Nias Vibes

the nias vibes

a vibes that truly from the Island 

Whats include?

The Surf trip will have two options a 5 day Surf trip or a 7 day Surf trip. Surf Lesson will be with our most experienced instructor who will be also Guiding your trip in Nias. 

More  to Know

5 Night Trip In Nias 

Booking Confirm with US$200 Deposit

All inclusive Surf trip : Accommodation, Surf Lesson, Culture trip, Foods, all Transport during the Trip 

7 night trip in nias

Booking Confirm with US$200 Deposit 

All inclusive Surf trip : Accommodation, Surf Lesson, Culture trip, Foods, all Transport during the Trip 

Once your Deposit is received will Confirm your booking through email and send the receipt and all the details of your Dream Trip 

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